October 5, 2020

HydraFacial Sydney

The Ultimate Hydration: Your Summer Skin Prep Starts Now

Looking Good This Summer The countdown is officially on for the silly season and while Summer 2020 may look a little different this year, there is no reason why your skin should not be on its a-game. You have got family gatherings to attend, work dos to drink too much at and if the c-word plays nice, plenty of parties and good times ahead. So,… Read More »The Ultimate Hydration: Your Summer Skin Prep Starts Now

How Painful Is Tattoo Removal

So, does laser tattoo removal hurt more than getting the initial tattoo? Many people describe the sensation as feeling like a hot rubber band is being repeatedly snapped against your skin. Everyone experiences pain differently and has a different pain tolerance. The truth is that there is no way to completely escape the fact that laser tattoo removal will be an uncomfortable experience. Although, there… Read More »How Painful Is Tattoo Removal