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Waxing for Men

“I was looking for a professional place for waxing in the city, near to my workplace. It’s more than just a drop-in service. Renata also gives me advice and tips on every visit to enhance my daily skincare regime. Face of Man is the thinking man’s investment – the results speak for themselves!”





Lash Tint $25
Brow Tint $20
Centre Brow $15
Brow Shape $33
Ears $22
Nose $22
Ears + Nose $40
Cheeks/Sideburns $25
Beard $55
Lip $20
Neck (front or back) $30
Full Neck $30
Hair Tidy-Up $60


Shoulders $40
Underarm $25
Half Arms $35
Full Arm $55
Hands $25


Half Back $45
Shoulders $40
Full Back + Shoulders $77
Back + Shoulders + Half Arm $88
Chest $55
Stomach $52
Chest + Stomach $77


Buttocks $60
Speedo $35
Full Leg $75
Half Legs $45
Patch $25
Feet $25
Full Body $245
Full Body including Brazilian $275
Full Leg Men $80
Brazilian Mens $99


The aesthetics and practicalities of the modern man are such that waxing has become an integral part of the regular grooming regime, but at Face of Man we understand that the process is often considered painful. In each of our services, no matter the part of body, we ensure the highest level of discretion, product selection and method, helping to reduce redness and irritation, avoid breakouts and ingrown hairs and to maximise the outcome of your treatment. This includes the use of high quality moisturising agents, hot and cold compression and an application of tea tree lotion, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

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