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Valued at $75, Your Visia Skin Analysis Includes:

  • Provides a scientific view on the state of your complexion
  • Delivers you a personalised skin age
  • Develop a customised treatment plan 
  • See how your skin is improving between visits

Looking in the mirror just isn’t going to cut it once you’ve been introduced to the VISIA Complexion Analysis device. Taking skincare next level, in just a few minutes the device provides a scientific view on the state of your complexion and even delivers you a personalised skin age, leaving no concern unturned. In the process it’s helping you and your therapist develop a customised treatment plan and best of all, you’ve got all the evidence you need for how well your skin is improving between visits

My skin looks OK in the mirror, what can VISIA really show me?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis camera assesses every aspect of your skin, even the ones you can’t see with the naked-eye. From redness and pore size to signs of ageing and sun damage, VISIA is the all-knowing skin guru that can reveal the extent of wrinkles, bacterial excretions, changes in skin texture, conditions such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne and markings such as age spots, brown spots and UV spots.

It’s the crystal ball of complexions with the backing of scientific technology that will change the way you view your skin forever.

With 3D options and views from every angle, this is not for the faint hearted. VISIA Complexion Analysis tells it how it is to reveal just what you’re dealing with when it comes the skin in its current condition and skin ageing.

No two skins are alike so consider VISIA a form of profiling that will help to future-proof your skin — because the more you and your therapist know, the better the outcome.

What is a VISIA Complexion Analysis session like?

VISIA Complexion Analysis is quick and painless, taking only minutes to complete. IntelliFlash® cross-polarized and UV lighting modes are used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions, all with one quick, automated series of flashes and once the camera has done its work, detailed images and customised reports are generated; your therapist communicating and interpreting the data for you.

The best thing about VISIA is that repeatable facial imaging enables you to track treatment progress and outcomes effectively over time and so is a must-have addition to your regular treatment regime.

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