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massages for men

Massage Treatments
starting from $55

The stresses that appear on our faces can regularly be traced back to those which begin in our body. At Face of Man we offer much more than treatments for the skin with our services extending through to the body with a range of custom-designed massage therapies and enhancements to leave you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.
“Emily has magic hands. She has worked with me over a number of months with a goal of addressing long standing muscular and flexibility issues and the improvement is amazing. I do a lot of strength training and Emily makes sure I stay supple to avoid injury and pain. My regular massage sessions with Emily are one of my favourite things.”
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Massages For Men
Treatments and Prices



30mins | $55
50mins | $110
80mins | $160

A traditional relaxation massage that uses flowing and rhythmic motion to soothe and ease aches.


50mins | $130
80mins | $180

Intensify your massage by targeting muscle groups that need a deep release. Not for the faint of heart.


50mins | $125
80mins | $195

The combination of thermal basalt stones and massage movements provide a wonderful deep relaxation. Your expert therapist will work intuitively with smooth, oiled rocks to achieve the ultimate body balance.


40mins | $99

Our deep cleanse and exfoliation of the back, shoulders and upper arms helps to remove excess oil, congestion and blackheads. A relaxing massage and mask help to complete this treatment.



60mins | $50

This rejuvenating light is part of the sun’s spectrum helping to penetrate muscle tissue and bringing impurities to the surface from heating within a cellular level. You will sweat out 40% of toxins such as heavy metal and aluminium that reside in the body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.


30mins | $77

Expose your younger, more hydrated skin by polishing away accumulated dead skin cells and increasing circulation and lymphatic function.

your health is everything. do you treat your body with the importance it deserves?

The Problem

It is an understatement to say that the lifestyle of a modern man is riddled with demands, hassles, frustrations and deadlines, whether it be from early mornings, long work days, intense workouts, big weekends or poor diets. Naturally these vices take a toll on our body, leaving us feeling exhausted and looking tired and aged and contributing to a shorter life span.

The Solution

Face of Man is happy to provide a specialised range of services to help support a better body and lifestyle. Together we’ll bring you into more of a balanced and healthy state where you will be able to carry on at your peak performance. Talk to your therapist about designing a program to suit your needs. All of our Body Treatments include a personal locker, slippers and robe along with purified water to replace all the toxins we take out. Start your transformation here.

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