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‘Skin Strengthening’ Treatments

'Energise' Skin Treatments for men - Treatments and Prices


50mins | $179

This is a more advanced technique of exfoliation to the skin. Whether your skin is tired or suffering from the weather, Diamond Head microdermabrasion helps to visibly refresh by removing the congested skin cells. Complete your treatment with an Oxygen Facial. This addition fights bacteria, breathes new life into your skin and nourishes with hydration.


50mins | $189

This rejuvenating light is part of the sun’s spectrum helping to penetrate muscle tissue and bringing impurities to the surface from heating within a cellular level. You will sweat out 40% of toxins such as heavy metal and aluminium that reside in the body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.


40mins | $199

Fusing Retinol (1% Vitamin A) and Bromelain to refine the skin’s surface texture, it drastically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, regulates oil control and reduces pigmentation. The vitamin A infuses the skin even after the treatment to keep your skin plump.


50mins | $250

Elevate the Azyme Treatment with the added benefits of Oxygen to repair and hydrate your skin.


60mins | $250

This is the Face of Man Signature Treatment and is a must have on the day of a big event or if you are wanting both relaxation and results treatment where you will leave with your skin looking amazing with no downtime. We will tailor your treatment utilising a combination of modalities (Micro, oxygen, LED).


40mins | $249

The best skin of your life. Enjoy instantly fresher, cleaner and more hydrated skin. The HydraFacial is a medical-grade skin resurfacing treatment suitable for all skin types. It effectively dislodges and removes blackheads, dead skin cells and impurities while deeply cleansing and hydrating the skin. The skin is then soaked in restorative, protective serums to treat and repair your skin.

BYONIK® Hyaluronic


BYONIK® Treatment details coming soon..

Or you can add on to DNT, PICO, RF, micro, ultra plus, hydra facial for $150.

BYONIK® Repair Treatment


A shorter BYONIK® Treatment focusing on reducing inflammation, redness and strengthening skin, the calming BYONIK® Repair Treatment is highly recommended for barrier-impaired skin, rosacea, acne, eczema, peri-oral dermatitis, psoriasis and dehydration.

Or you can add on to DNT, PICO, RF, micro, ultra plus, hydra facial for $150.

Powerful and targeted Results with 'Skin Strengthening' Treatments

How long is a skin treatment session?

Most Face of Man skin treatment sessions (including men’s facials) last for under an hour, with the shortest time being 30 minutes.

how do i get to face of man

Face of Man is located on George St in Sydney 2000. It is conveniently a 2-minute walk from Wynyard Station, or 8 minutes from Town Hall Station.

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