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Discover the Ultimate Skin Peel Treatment with Zero Downtime – The Ultimate A-Zyme Peel


Are long working days, sun damage, travel, stress and lack of sleep taking their toll on your skin?

No matter who you are or what your profession is, eventually all of these things catch up and start to show their effect on your skin. Fortunately, knowledge about skincare has come along way in the past few decades, and there are some truly great treatment options with active ingredients to depend upon to keep us looking fresh faced.


The Treatment

The Ultimate A-Zyme Peel combines the highly effective ingredients of Retinol (1% Vitamin A) and Bromelain, to deliver the ultimate package for skin restoration. Vitamin A goes straight into the bloodstream and changes the quality of the oil that gets produced in the skin, it thickens the dermis to make the skin look less red and also removes sun damage. Bromelain is a highly effective group of enzymes which digests the skin’s dead proteins and exfoliates the epidermis, leading to an increase in natural collagen production.

Overall the A-Zyme Peel helps to refine the skin’s surface texture, drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, regulate oil control and improve skin clarity by greatly reducing pigmentation. 

The result? Supple, smooth and refreshed skin.


The A-Zyme Peel is great for men suffering from:


 Fine lines

✓ Dryness

✓ Pigmentation

✓ Sun damaged skin

✓ And other signs of ageing

What About Down Time?

The A-Zyme treatment has a whole list of benefits, and one of them is the lack of recovery time! Taking 45 minutes and leaving no visible signs of treatment, people find that it is quick and convenient option – you can go straight back to work, the gym or out to dinner feeling fresh and looking a million dollars.

What’s more is that vitamin A continues to infuse the skin with its beneficial properties long after your treatment helping to hydrate and plump the skin.


Ready to commit to great skin? 

Great skin needs a regular routine and commitment to a treatment plan tailored to your unique skin. At Face of Man our Dermal Skin Therapists will prescribe the best after-care and maintenance routine for you after your A-Zyme peel.


Book in August 2019 and get $283 of value for $188*

If you want to have that smooth, supple and refreshed skin feeling then book in today! This month if you book in for an Ultimate A-Zyme Peel in August we are offering a free Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum valued at $95 – FREE with your treatment! This product is an essential for aftercare and a great product to add to your everyday skincare routine. * T & Cs apply.




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