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‘Correct’ Skin Treatments

''Correct' Skin Treatments for men - Treatments and Prices


50mins | $300

With the most advanced global technology on the market, the Discovery Pico Laser improves the quality of results across all skin types offering second-to-none skin rejuvenation without downtime. It leverages three laser wavelengths and four pulse modes to generate impressive results.


50mins | $375

This is a medical-grade skin rejuvenation treatment. Skin Needling works by creating thousands of microscopic piercings using ultra-fine stainless-steel needles to stimulate a wound-like response, elevating the skin’s natural regeneration and healing process. This helps soften scar tissues and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.


60mins | $349

Reap the benefits of our most advanced technology, the "Discovery Pico" laser and enhance your results and experience by upgrading to "Pico Platinum". Optional add-ons include a Fruit Enzyme Peptide mask and LED Light Therapy.


70mins | $445

This procedure creates microscopic laser incisions within the skin’s dermis which allows maximum collagen remodelling without affecting the surface layer of the skin. The Clear and Brilliant is the most effective treatment to prevent signs of aging and minimise large pores and sun damage. Complete your treatment with the option of LED Light Therapy or Peptide Mask.


60mins | $425

This helps soften scar tissue and allows deeper absorption of vitamin-rich serums. Complete your treatment with the option of LED Light Therapy or Peptide Mask to have in salon or take home.


70mins | $400

The Discovery Laser Tightening Treatment utilises multiple laser wavelengths and technologies. The Discovery Pico Tightening produces Skin Cell Activation, which is a term relating to the skin cells talking to each other. Proteins are released by the laser treatment and then nearby cells detect this and are stimulated to produce more elastin and collagen which are skin tightening chemicals.

The result is tighter, younger-looking, hydrated skin with fewer wrinkles and is suitable for all skin types. Complete this treatment with the option of either LED Light Therapy or Peptide Mask to have in salon or take home.

Intensify, Treat and Repair with 'Correct' skin Treatments

How long is a skin treatment session?

Most Face of Man skin treatment sessions (including men’s facials) last for under an hour, with the shortest time being 30 minutes.

how do i get to face of man

Face of Man is located on George St in Sydney 2000. It is conveniently a 2-minute walk from Wynyard Station, or 8 minutes from Town Hall Station.

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