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King of Skin Bootcamps For Men

King of Skin Bootcamps
starting from $997

Supercharged skin bootcamps have arrived at Face of Man. Say hello to king of skin.

To help you on your journey to fit and healthy skin, we have carefully designed SIX Supercharged Skin Bootcamps to get you those results. Think of Face of Man as your gym for skin. A six pack will not happen with one session nor will clear skin with one facial.
“My therapist was amazing and so experienced. I booked my next appointment straight away. I loved my treatment today. 10 out of 10. Stella is a beautiful person and knows her skincare and she explained everything with ease.

Before I forget, Stella has magic hands and I felt so relaxed afterwards and at ease. Thank you thank you Stella and the excellent team at Face of Man.”
Skin and Grooming Treatment packages for men Sydney
King of Skin client

King of Skin Bootcamps for men
Treatments and Prices



Repair, build and strengthen your skin barrier for optimal skin function and health. A strong barrier shields and defends your skin against external elements and free radicals which in turn will reduce inflammation and sensitivity.



The ultimate skin bootcamp to whip your skin into shape ahead of a special event, a television appearance or your wedding day. Nourish your skin with rich and restorative hydration, visibly minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enjoy supple, radiant skin.



An intensive, effective and powerful Skin Bootcamp designed to eradicate sun damage, dark spots and hyperpigmentation while minimising the appearance of enlarged pores. Five steps to skin renewal, even skin tone and a visibly brighter, more luminous appearance.



A Skin Bootcamp specially curated to address acne and scarring. Merging powerful advanced skin treatments to visibly minimise scarring on the face and reduce breakouts and cystic acne. Enhance your confidence with Endurance Skin.



Tone, tighten and turn back time with the Skin Fit Challenge. Effectively reducing the signs of aging and restoring skin to its former glory this Skin Bootcamp is designed to breathe life into tired skin and promote a youthful complexion.



A powerful lineup of advanced skin treatments for a complete skin transformation. Targeting both function and appearance for instant and progressive results, you’ll experience skin clarity, optimal skin health, hydration and youthful skin.

Kind of like the gym, but with Scotch.

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