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King of Skin Bootcamps For Men

Supercharged Skin Gym Programs

King of Skin Bootcamps

A selection of Supercharged Skin Gym Programs

Merging a selection of signature advanced treatments to tailor your journey for real results. Tone tighten strengthen and feel confident in your skin. Training begins now.
“My therapist was amazing and so experienced. I booked my next appointment straight away. I loved my treatment today. 10 out of 10. Stella is a beautiful person and knows her skincare and she explained everything with ease.”
Skin and Grooming Treatment packages for men Sydney
King of Skin client

King of Skin Bootcamps for men
Treatments and Prices

SKIN Health


$1721 | 6 Sessions

A lineup of skin-strengthening treatments and one advanced corrective treatment for a complete skin transformation.

Targeting both function and appearance this course starts with one DNT treatment to build collagen followed by relaxing treatments featuring plenty of massage and LED therapy to restore your skin's health.

Achieve healthy hydrated and youthful skin with a more even skin tone.

Conveniently only one treatment involves any downtime.

Skin Restoration


$2500 | 8 Sessions

Say goodbye to pigmentation and scarring with our advanced program that combines cutting-edge treatments to deliver remarkable results. Experience the skin-transforming benefits of RF Micro- Needling and Laser for enhanced collagen production and texture improvement.

Our Customised Peels are designed to strengthen and hydrate the skin with power-packed ingredients while the Customised Correction treatments address any stubborn pigmentation and scarring imperfections. Nourishing the skin from within is our Glutathione IV Therapy a potent antioxidant infusion that detoxifies and brightens the complexion.

You will experience downtime with 50% of this Skin Gym Program.



$1044 | 4 Sessions

When your skin barrier is compromised it's less effective at protecting you from external aggressors which can result in redness uneven tone and increased sensitivity.

This can lead to various skin problems such as rosacea dryness itchiness and a lifeless appearance making your skin look dull old and unhealthy.

There is zero downtime with this Skin Gym Program.

Ultimate Skin Health Challenge


$2200 | 9 Sessions

Tone tighten and turn back time with this complete rejuvenation skin program.

Effectively reducing the signs of aging and restoring skin to its former glory the Ultimate Skin Health Challenge is designed to breathe life into tired skin.

By combining advanced treatments that target and reduce imperfections like fine lines wrinkles and pigmentation and revitalising the skin through powerful ingredients that exfoliate hydrate and promote cell turnover revealing a fresher complexion.

You will experience downtime with 50% of this Skin Gym Program.



$1697 | 8 Sessions

Struggled with acne during your youth or adulthood leaving behind unsightly ice pick or boxcar marks and a complexion marred by pitted skin?

Fear not for this tailored skin treatment package is crafted just for you to rejuvenate your skin and restore your skin's smooth texture.

You will experience downtime with 50% of this Skin Gym Program.

Plus With each Program You'll Also Receive:

FREE Unlimited LED

FREE 10% Off Retail


No changes can be made to packages. All packages have a 2 year expiration.

Pay 50% on your first visit and 50% on your second visit OR Afterpay and Zippay payment plans are available.

what our Grooming clients are saying...

"Rana provides exceptional service and demonstrates a remarkable level of honesty, evident in her genuine concern for addressing individual skincare needs."
M.Sheraz Siddiqui
"Wonderful pedicure and manicure. Very professional and comfortable. Nice as a guy to have a dedicated salon. Great booking and welcome by Grace. Definitely recommend!"
Walter Jennings
"Absolutely amazing. The team are incredible and know what they are talking about. I’ve never been so relaxed! MORE SELF CARE FOR ME!!"
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Chris Haines
"Five stars for the Face of Man salon in York Street, Sydney. You'll be delighted with the result."
Review by John Nichol
“Love Face of Man, so elegant, relaxing and an excellent range of treatments and products. ”
Client review by Ewan Belsey
Ewan Belsey
“This is a place where the quality of service and experience goes over and beyond expectations. ”
Review by Harris Keith

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