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Feel the Force: Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

Dry, dull and sluggish skin? There’s no doubt winter complexions take a beating even for the serious skin guru who wears sunscreen and takes care of diet & exercise. But whether you’ve got an important conference, work or personal event, advanced tech is on the scene to help maintain and improve radiant, younger-looking skin that even Luke Skywalker would be jealous of.


Tech Power: Fractional Laser

Harnessing the power of fractional laser technology, Clear and Brilliant is an effective, non-invasive treatment designed to address and help prevent the early signs of ageing. Suitable for all skin types, it’s better than any light sabre and best of all, there’s no downtime.

While Clear and Brilliant isn’t an aggressive laser treatment, when it comes to skin ageing it does deliver preventative outcomes that work hand-in-hand with your current skincare regime, creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin.

Like a booster beam to take your skin to the next level, Clear and Brilliant focuses on skin texture, elasticity, collagen production and minimising pore appearance, making it the perfect winter ‘freshener’ treatment to get skin in shape for spring and keep glowing throughout the summer season.


Clear and Brilliant: What to Expect

Comfortable, fast and effective, you’ll see results after the first treatment and continue for months after with a recommended series of four to six treatments depending on your desired skin outcomes. Offering added value to your current skincare regime, think of Clear and Brilliant as the ultimate personal trainer for your skin — for great results you need to get serious and work with the very best!

Each treatment, taking just over one hour, starts with a consultation to pinpoint target areas. After application of a numbing cream to make the treatment a little more comfortable, the Clear and Brilliant handpiece is gently guided across the skin to ensure uniform application.

The treatment is then followed with Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum to help restore vital moisture balance and provide long-lasting hydration; and, either Ultraceuticals SPF for all important sun protection during the day; or, Ultraceuticals Ultra Replenishing Mask for comfort and skin recovery support in the evening.

Downtime is short —so you’re able to resume your routine the next day or same day depending on your skin type, condition and reaction level — however, you can expect minor redness and minimal swelling, indicative of the natural renewal process, which will subside quickly.

The Next Step

Perfect for a busy lifestyle and encouraging optimal cell turnover, Clear and Brilliant is just one of the advanced skin treatments offered at Face of Man.
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