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Men’s Health Australia – How to eradicate bags under your eyes, once and for all

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Men’s Health Australia featured Face of Man as author Paul Ewart shared how with the right grooming products and salon, men can still look well rested and fresh faced, even if they didn’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep.


April 16, 2024

Brow Benefits

Outside of anti-ageing products and treatments, there is an optical illusion hack that can instantly add some eye area pep: a brow shape.

As men age, our eyebrows often become overgrown. So, if you’ve got bushy eyebrows that would make even Noel Gallagher blush, then just cleaning up some of the excess hair can really help shave off the years. And while you may think that a sneaky swipe of your razor is a solution, a stubbly unibrow is never a good look. Instead, play it safe and pay a professional.

Face of Man have been a staple in Sydney’s male grooming scene for more than 40 years and their premium new HQ is the place to go for some serious TLC. Amidst the offering of in-house barber, swanky Elemis facials and massage, punters can also get their brows expertly shaped.

Working with the brow’s natural lines to ensure a perfect contour, therapists can tame unruly facial follicles into an eye-area masterpiece making your eyes look more open and your face more youthful.

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