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LED Platinum Treatment

LED Treatments for Men

Returning back to normal

Life for us Sydneysiders is slowly returning normal. As for your skin, it may have missed the memo.

As restrictions ease and we begin to emerge from months spent in isolation, one thing you may have noticed is not returning to normal, is your skin. Post-Lockdown skin is well and truly upon us here at Face Of Man and as you re-enter the wild, back to the office and to your active social lives, the health and appearance of your skin is certainly something you need to take care of stat to return it to its former glory, pre-pandemic.

If your skin is not playing nice, there is reason that warrants its current condition, STRESS! Covid-19 took its emotional toll, as did the closure of the office, the gym, AND THE PUB! Add in significant changes to routine, diet, ball-drop of hygiene and grooming and you have recipe for angry skin.



For the man-on-the-go there is simply no room in the day for bad skin, but fear not gents, consider us your wingman. Before we can up the ante and treat our men to our more comprehensive and intensive treatments, we need to bring it right back to basics and build the skin health and integrity from the ground up. Here’s the plan.

Face Of Man has developed a 3 Step Treatment to get back to basics and breathe life into your skin. Introducing the LED Platinum, a specially formulated treatment plan designed with your post-lockdown skin in mind.

This 3-step treatment will target dehydrated, flaky, dull, and blotchy skin. Integrating 3 powerhouse treatments to create the ultimate “pick me up” for stressed skin.

See results in just ONE, TWO, THREE.

  • A Microdermabrasion
  • An Oxygen Facial
  • LED Light Therapy

Hello, handsome!



Microdermabrasion is the sure-fire way to rid your skin of dead cells, which tend to build up if not effectively removed from the skin. Microdermabrasion manually exfoliates the skin to remove the outer most layer, revealing a smoother, healthier complexion.

The treatment unclogs pores, can help to reduce acne, and prevent further breakouts. If you have noticed flaky skin and uneven texture the Microdermabrasion part of this treatment will strip it away and prepare the skin for the epicness to come. The Microdermabrasion component of this treatment will buff away any dry skin, ingrown hairs caused by razors and flaking.

In plain speak, it will gently sand away the dead skin that is causing your skin to look and feel dry.



Stage two of the LED Platinum (our favourite step BTW!) is the Oxygen Facial by Societe. When it comes to healing and breathing life into tired skin, it does not get better than an Oxygenation treatment.

This procedure is known for its skin health benefits and will give you an instant dose of hydration and oxygen boost. The anti-bacterial component works to heal and soothe sensitive or irritated and inflamed skin, deeply cleansing the skin, santising the surface and preparing the skin for extraction. The Oxygen facial invigorates the skin to promote cell and collagen production.

In plain speak: Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function. This is why patients in hospital are given oxygen. This is why our skin flares up after long haul flights, because of the lack of oxygen. The takeaway: Oxygen is essential to fixing up your post-lockdown skin.



Finish strong with LED Light Therapy. This is a completely pain free procedure that has been taking the skin world by storm. This skin rejuvenation treatment uses low levels of light delivered through light emitting diodes at specific wavelengths to achieve a healing affect in tissue (AKA: it’s bloody effective at fixing your skin).


LED Light Therapy promotes skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen and elastin. It enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery which will help heal stressed, inflamed skin caused by stress (and too many orders to UberEATS). When your skin has good cell production, healing capabilities are increased. This makes LED the sure-fire way to combat irritation and even scarring.


In plain speak: LED Light Therapy is the Johnathon Thurston of the Skin world and it’s healing capabilities are second to none. It will enhance the results from the microdermabrasion and the oxygen facial and you will be back to your pre-pandemic skin in no time!




It might have been touch and go, but your skin has come out on top. The LED platinum package uses every key player in the skin game to help reverse the effects that lockdown had on your rugged good looks. LED Platinum is available at Face Of Man. Allow our expert Therapists to restore life back into skin and get back out there with confidence.

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