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A Fresh Year Calls For A FRESH START: Introducing Pico-Toning

Male Grooming Service - Pico-toning treatment being performed

Don’t Forget about your skin!

As we ease back into normality and tackle the work year ahead, something that may have missed the memo, is our skin. Despite the social season coming to a close, our skin may be experiencing the aftershocks of weeks of fireball shots, endless ham and plenty of late nights.

As we embrace the new year, we believe it is also the perfect time to hit the reset button on our skin, undo the damage done and have a Fresh Start.

Face of Man are starting off this new year with a brand-new addition to our facial family, the Pico Toning treatment. This treatment is performed with the Pico Plus machine which is currently 1 of 15 of its kind in Australia. Start 2021 with a treatment that will give you a fresh face to match your fresh mindset!


The Carbon Peel on steroids!

For the lovers of one of our most popular Advanced Skin Treatments, the Carbon Peel, you are in for a treat. The latest addition to our skincare line-up is Pico Toning and it’s a game changer.

Delivering even better results than the Carbon Peel and in a fraction of the time, Pico Toning is the ultimate pore-refining treatment available. Our brand new Pico Plus Machine is so advanced that the carbon component is no longer required. The Pico Plus machine fires lasers 1000 times faster than the machine previously used for carbon peels.

Pico Toning is an innovative laser treatment that brings skin rejuvenation to a whole new level. Benefits of this treatment reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, assists with removal of acne, acne scars, general scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, improved skin texture, and reduced fines lines and wrinkles. The removal of dermal and epidermal pigmentation can include melasma, sunspots, age spots, and freckles.


The Pico machine works by emitting extremely short pulses of laser light through a Focus Lens Array. This rapid energy is able to shatter pigmented tissue, breaking it down into smaller particles which the immune system can naturally remove from the body. As this process naturally occurs, you’ll notice more and more fading of pigmentation with each treatment. The speedy delivery of laser energy also causes a spring effect which remodels the deeper layers of skin. This allows collagen to regenerate, activating the anti-ageing benefits of this treatment.

The Pico machine is named so due to the laser beam pulse lasting for a picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second. The intense speed of energy delivered allows the treatment to be a more comfortable experience for the client, whilst resulting in minimal redness and downtime. It also means results are able to be seen in fewer sessions than with other laser machines on the market. The short, precise beams of energy delivered by the Pico Plus avoids causing any heat damage to surrounding tissue. This technology is an extremely safer and lower risk method of facial tissue treatment, avoiding any side-effects.


The Pico Toning treatment is a 20-minute session that is recommended to be performed 3-4 weeks apart. The treatment begins with a full-face cleanse to remove all oils and dirt from the skin. This allows the laser to effectively penetrate the skin’s surface. Following the cleanse, we use a low-level laser setting on the Pico Plus to induce a thermal effect on the skin. This assists in closing open pores whilst targeting fine lines and wrinkles, and evening out sun damage and pigmentation. A moisturising serum and hydrating SPF are applied as the final step to the facial to send you back out into the world with your freshly rejuvenated face. The minimal downtime of the Pico Toning treatment allows you to maintain a flawless complexion throughout your busy schedule.


The Pico Toning treatment is the perfect facial for the man who is busy making moves this new year and wanting his complexion to match his fresh mindset. Book a Pico Toning treatment today online or in salon to get your skin on the road to recovery after the naughty festive season celebrations. Take on the new year with a fresh face!

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