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Supercharged skin bootcamps have arrived at Face of Man. Say hello to King of Skin.

Face of Man welcomes six Supercharged Skin Bootcamps to our line-up – King of Skin

When you want to increase your fitness, build your bod, and improve your physique, we all know the commitment it requires to reach your desired goals. It requires time, an investment, consistency, and dedication – the same can be said for reaching optimal skin health.

To help you on your journey to fit and healthy skin, we have carefully designed SIX Supercharged Skin Bootcamps to get you those results. Think of Face of Man as your gym for skin. A six pack will not happen with one session nor will clear skin with one facial.

Face of Man welcomes six Supercharged Skin Bootcamps to our line-up – King of Skin. These intensive courses for your skin, mirror any workout regimen to tone, tighten, strengthen, and have your skin in the best shape of its life. King of Skin comprises of the ultimate six courses which include a combination of our most advanced and effective treatments to give you next level results.

Kind of like the gym, but with Scotch.

Skin is our largest organ, so you need to keep it fit and healthy. If you are looking to improve the fitness of your skin, King of Skin is first step towards immediate changes and lasting results.
Training begins now.


Meet the Supercharged Skin Bootcamps


The Strengthen Skin Bootcamp is designed to build and strengthen your skin barrier. An impaired skin barrier is the root cause of many common skin concerns and rather than treat the concern, we’re focusing on the reason behind it. Your skin barrier is a shield that defends your skin against external conditions and free radicals. Think of your barrier like a shield – without one, you skin is exposed to pollutants that harm our skin. On the flip side, all the goodness our skin needs to thrive isn’t locked in as it’s supposed to be. Leading into the cooler months, it is essential to continually repair, build and strengthen your skin barrier for optimal skin functioning and health.

  • 1 x RVR Kit
  • 1 x Mirco Express
  • 1 x Azyme
  • 3 x LED Platinum


Strengthening skin treatment package for Sydney men



Have a big event to attend? A television appearance? Photoshoot? Or need the ultimate wedding day prep? Our Functional Skin bootcamp is the ultimate Bootcamp to whip your skin into shape, pronto. Nourish your skin with rich and restorative hydration, visibly minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enjoy supple, radiant skin.

  • 1 x RVR Kit
  • 3 x HydraFacials
  • 1 x LED Platinum


Male Grooming Service - Pico-toning treatment being performed



If you were born and bred in Australia, it’s likely you’ve experienced sun damage. Exposure to harmful UV rays isn’t uncommon, especially for our Gents who spend days working in the sun or training outdoors. Prolonged exposure to UV Rays (especially without SPF) can result in premature ageing, sagging, hyperpigmentation and uneven skint one. Skin Recovery is an intensive, effective, and powerful bootcamp designed to eradicate sun damage, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation caused by years of sun exposure. The key workouts (Aka, treatments) in this Skin Recovery bootcamp also work to help minimising the appearance of enlarged pores. Enjoy Five steps toward complete skin renewal, even skin tone, and a visibly brighter, luminous appearance.

  • 1 x RVR Kit
  • 2 x Pico Toning/IPL/CB/DNT
  • 2 x Peel
  • 1 x HydraFacial


LED Treatments for Men



Experience acne or acne scarring? Endurance Skin bootcamp is designed to help minimise breakouts and effectively rid the skin of scarring so you can feel confident! Time to work on your endurance so your skin can go the distance without breakouts. Face of Man merges powerful advanced skin treatments to visibly minimise scarring on the face, reduce breakouts and target stubborn cystic acne.

  • 1 x RVR Kit
  • 3 x DNT
  • 1x Pico TX
  • 2 x Customised Peels
  • Micro Platinum


HydraFacials for Sydney men



Who said you can’t turn back time? You can at Face of Man if you participate in The Skin Fit Challenge. Up for the challenge? The results will be worth it! The Skin Fit Challenge will work towards restoring skin back to its former glory, young, handsome, and fresh. Effectively reducing the signs of aging, breathing life into tired skin, and promoting an overall youthful, dazzling complexion. Age your wine, not your skin.

  • 1 x RVR Kit
  • 3 x Customised Peels
  • 2 x HydraFacial Platinum
  • 1 x LED Platinum


Energise skin treatment package for Sydney men



Chasing the ultimate skin transformation? Power Skin bootcamp includes our most POWERFUL treatments to help you achieve exactly that. Want your skin to feel like a million bucks? This robust line-up of advanced skin treatments work perfectly together to hydrate, brighten, repair, strengthen and tone. Targeting both function and appearance for instant and progressive results, you’ll experience skin clarity, optimal skin health, hydration, and youthful skin. Ready for results?

  • 1 x LED Platinum
  • 1 x Brightening Platinum
  • 1 x Micro Platinum
  • 1 x Hydra Platinum
  • 1 x Ayzme Platinum
  • 1 x CB/DNT
  • 1 x Pico


Face of Man’s King of Skin experience is results driven. Each Skin Bootcamp combines our very best, most effective treatments bundled together with incredible savings to make fit and healthy skin easier than ever to achieve. Our team will assess your skin and guide you on the best Bootcamp to help you reach your skin goals.

Training starts now!


Introducing King of Skin Bootcamps

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