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Let’s say goodbye to men’s double chin with this ultimate skin treatment

Ultraformer in use treating man's double chin

Gents, have you started to notice a little extra cushion under your chin? Does your once sharp and chiselled jawline resemble jowls? Do you find yourself hiding behind your beard?

Whether this has occurred with age, or something you have been conscious of for many years, Face of Man now have the solution, so you can trim back the beard and show off your chiselled features with pride.

Say Goodbye To The Double Chin With The Ultraformer

Lift, tighten and sculpt your jawline for a more youthful look using The Ultraformer technology. A sharp jawline is a desired characteristic among many men, and excess skin or fat cells shouldn’t hold you back from looking and feeling your very best. The Ultraformer tightens up sagging skin around the jawline and targets the ever-stubborn double chin.

The best part? There is no invasive surgery or downtime required!

Peace out double chin!

Double Chin before and after treatments with Ultraformer
Double chin – Before and After – Treatment with Ultraformer

Treating Men’s Jowls: What are they?

Jowls are especially common as we age. Though jowls are extremely cute on our squishy faced pets, jowls are less desirable on the modern man.  Jowls refer to the sagging below your cheeks and jawline.

Jowls generally come with age with the breakdown of collagen and elastin. After the age of 20, you produce 1% less collagen each year for the rest of your life. Loss of elasticity will create soft, sagging skin along your lower face. As they say (gravity is a b****). Other causes of jowls may include:

SUNLIGHT: Prolonged exposure to UV rays without protection is one of the quickest ways to break down the proteins your skin needs for elasticity and to stay looking young and sharp. With harsh UV rays attacking your already depleting collagen levels, your skin will lose its shape, structure and elasticity, faster.

SMOKING: Smoking takes a terrible toll on the skin’s health and appearance. Smokers’ skin ages at a much faster pace than non-smokers. Your skin cells receive less blood flow and oxygen when you smoke, tightening up your blood vessels. This damages collagen and elastin and will cause jowls and wrinkles.

POOR POSTURE: Today, it’s common to spend hours, upon hours a day staring down at your devices, or hunched over your laptops. Spending so much time practicing poor posture and always looking down at your screens can increase your chance of developing jowls.

Using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), the Ultraformer treatment has been dubbed the ‘non-surgical facelift’ for its tightening, lifting and sculpting capabilities.

The technology delivers concentrated waves of ultrasound into layers of the skin through heat. New collagen is formed, firming and tightening the skin. It can be used all along the jawline to target sagging skin and undefined contours.


The Double Chin: What is it?

Contrary to popular belief, a double chin is not always associated with weight gain. You absolutely do not need to be overweight to struggle with the stubborn double chin, in fact there are many contributing factors.

The area under your chin is called the submental area. Fat that resides in this region is known as submental fat. Submental fat deposits can lead to the formation of a double chin. Double chins are difficult to get rid of, even with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

GENETICS: It may be written in your DNA. Double chins are often associated with your genetic makeup. You may have noticed fat deposits under your chin as a teenager or recognise that your shape is beginning to resemble that of your relatives.

AGING: As we age, it is unavoidable, our skin starts to decrease in collagen production, leading to a loss in elasticity, skin becoming thinner and weaker, and making your skin lax. As your body produces less of collagen, men typically start to notice a sag under the chin, neck, or jaw. It may not necessarily be fat cells, but the illusion of a double chin due to sagging.

WEIGHT LOSS: If you have lost weight, your body tends to reshape itself, losing lax under the jaw. This can look like pockets of extra skin.

The Ultraformer ultrasound technology doesn’t only treat sagging skin but can also reach to deeper layers, targeting subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat beneath your skin). The Ultrasound energy essentially zaps the fat cells, and your body removes them naturally.

Face of Man treat men's double chin and sagging jowls with the Ultraformer skin treatment

The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Double Chins And Sculpting The Lower Face

Face of Man offers an advanced, revolutionary treatment designed to lift, tighten, and sculpt your lower face to a dreamy jawline and breakdown fat cells that cause the ever stubborn, ever undesirable double chin.

The Ultraformer is the best non-surgical treatment available, with no downtime or needles! If you have noticed that your once chiselled jawline is beginning to resemble that of your pet Bulldog, or a stubborn double chin has got you hiding behind a beard, we urge you to explore the Ultraformer as the answer to double chin or sagging skin woes.

 The Ultraformer is here to save the day!


Your Frequently Asked Questions about Ultraformer

The Ultraformer targets three layers of skin: the outer layer, the deeper dermis and the layer connecting the skin to muscular structures delivering waves of energy below the skin’s surface, targeting these dermis layers with thermal energy, stimulating collagen production and promoting a long-term and natural tightening effect. 



The level of discomfort will vary dependent on each individual’s tolerance. It is normal to experience a feeling like a mild sunburn that can last 1-2 hours after treatment is completed.



The Ultraformer creates an immediate skin tightening effect. However, this treatment will gradually improve for weeks and months following. As the new collagen produces, it will enhance the skin’s structure and become more noticeable over time for up to 6 months.



We recommend this treatment for those with mild-moderate skin and soft tissue laxity, younger skin tends to respond better than older skin due to its natural healing capabilities.

To ensure you are a candidate, we recommend speaking with our expert team of Dermal Therapists.


Taking The Next Step

You no longer need to be conscious of a double chin, jowls, or a sagging neck.

The Ultraformer is here to sculpt your lower face into a sharp, sexy work of art and bring your back to your younger days! Book in for an Ultraformer treatment today at Face of Man!


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