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Your Face Of Man Summer Skin Survival Guide


G’day Summer Holidays!

After a long year of twists, turns, a global pandemic, Karens and the closure of the local watering hole, we are pretty darn ready to let our hair down and make up for lost social time.

As we brace ourselves for pent up partying, bucket loads of beer and festive cheer (hello, rhym!) we need to do our duty by preparing our Face Of Man gents to ensure that throughout the fun and celebrations, the health and appearance of your skin is maintained.

A season of alcohol, late nights, shift in diet and SO-MUCH-HAM is a text-book recipe for skin-havoc. We have put together a guide to help you get through summer whilst looking and feeling your best! So, get yourself onto the Face of Man nice list by following these super easy steps! 

Invest in SPF (Please!)

Whilst you are spending the Christmas season celebrating poolside with an ice-cold drink in hand, or soaking up the sun at Bondi Beach, be sure that you are staying protected from the sun.

Prolonged sun exposure is the leading cause of premature ageing! UV rays attack the collagen which our body naturally produces, causing it to lose elasticity and sag like Santa’s sack. Exposure to elements can also drain the hydration from our skin leaving us feeling dehydrated, dry, and flaky.

If you did not know how SPF works, here is a little math equation to help you figure out when you should be reapplying your SPF or getting out of the sun. The number shown on SPF products refers to the extra length of time you will be protected from ultraviolet rays.

Here is how to figure out your SPF protection:

1. Figure out the time it takes for your skin to burn without SPF

2. Choose the SPF you want to use

3. Multiply your burn time by your SPF

4. The answer indicates how long you will be protected from UV rays until you will need to either reapply or get out of the Sun entirely.

Keep Up The Skincare

If there was ever a time to up the anti on your skincare routine, it is now!! With all that summer entails, prolonged sun exposure, late nights, binge drinking, and over-indulgence, consistency is key when it comes to your skincare routine.

A simple skincare routine that covers all the basics and will lead you on the path to clear and youthful skin should include a cleanser, exfoliator, serum, SPF, and a moisturiser. Some tips to note are to double cleanse daily and exfoliate throughout the week. Double cleansing will ensure that your skin is squeaky clean and clear from all dirt and oils from the day. This process requires using an oil-based cleanser first in order to break down all the nasties sitting in your pores. Following up with a water-based cleanser will wash away any excess debris on the face and ensure a deeper more thorough clean of your pores.

Now, exfoliation is a key step in your skincare regimen to maintaining a fresh and youthful glow. Exfoliating one a week will aid your skin’s natural cell turnover process by shedding any dead skin cells resting on the skins surface. Although, be sure not to over exfoliate as this can actually slow down cell regeneration and have the opposite effects. Now, we know this may seem like a lot to do every day but trust us that when you start seeing results you will become addicted!!


We are going to keep it nice and simple here for you lads, one pint of beer + one pint of water!

That’s right! If you plan on drinking your body weight in booze, we beg you to follow up with your body weight in water.

Drinking your required water intake every day is crucial, and it becomes even more important at this time of year when celebrations are a weekly (sometimes nightly) occurrence. With all the Christmas and New Years events, it can be easy to forget something as simple as drinking water. Maintaining water intake will not only improve your body’s detoxification process but will ensure your skin remains clear, healthy, and hydrated.

Fight Tired Eyes

Endless celebrations and big nights out on the town may mean a disruption in your sleep pattern and thus, sleep deprivation. When this happens, your lack of sleep may be obvious on your skin, particularly under your eyes.

Dark circles are a common consequence of a lack of sleep, but why does it show under our eyes? Not getting enough sleep causes your skin to react by becoming dull and pale. This skin under our eyes is the thinnest skin on our entire body. This combination allows the blood vessels and dark tissue under your skin to show more clearly. Sleep deprivation can also at times cause fluid to build up beneath your eyes, which is why they might appear puffy.

Apart from ensuring you’re getting enough sleep, Serums specifically designed to treat under the eye are another way to improve dark circles. They contain ingredients that work to constrict the blood vessels which cause the dark shadows, diffusing light, and brightening pigmentation.

Gut Health

With indulging being a guarantee this silly season, please take into consideration the health of your gut. Significant changes to your diet can certainly take its toll on your inner health and in turn, your skin – afterall, your skin is the largest organ.

Overindulgence can cause inflammation on the gut which can show on the skin’s surface. When we increase alcohol intake and preservatives our body tries to get rid of it through the skin which is why we can get breakouts after a big night out.

Taking care of your gut health will ensure you can let loose at your celebrations without having to worry about the consequences wreaking havoc on your face. The Beauty Chef offer an extensive range of gut health products to ensure you are staying protected from within. Their products have been created with bio-fermented, probiotic wholefoods and elixirs to improve gut health, skin health and wellbeing. Visit Face Of Man to get yours and nourish your skin from within this holiday season.

It is as simple as that! Put the hard yards into your skincare routine this summer to ensure you go into the new year looking and feeling like your best self!

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